How to Determine the Match Type of Your Keywords for Google Advertising

Google Ads use keyword matches to determine when to display your ad. Match types provide different keyword or search term variations. This is just like showing your ad when a user searches like “pizza in new York” or “New York pizza.

Four different keyword matching techniques may be used to get the best matches

Broad match keywords

Broad match keyboards are the default match type which your keywords are assigned to. This seems to be a very good thing and something that all ad owners may want. But since your ad shows when a search query has any of your keywords any other words or combination of words will not be relevant to your site.

All keywords don’t really to be in the search query for your ad to show. For example, if your search term is “Miami bookstore,” your ad must contain keywords for “bookstore in Miami.”

Broad match modifier

Broad match modifier option will provide you better control of your ad placement than using a broad match. With this system you can lock certain keywords by adding a “+” in front of the word. This will let Google know that it needs to include this to include your ad.

Therefore if your Miami bookstore specializes in a particular kind of genre then you need to include this in your keyword bid like “+bookstore in miami” so that your ad will not be in the result when someone searches “Miami bookstore.”

The phrase match method

With phrase match the search terms should be in the same order as your keywords to be able to start your ad. You can also add other words before or even after the phrase. If your keyword is “Miami bookstore,” your ad will not be on the searches when someone searches “bookstore Chicago,” but may appear on the searches when someone looks for “best Miami bookstore.” To tell Google that you want a phrase match, you will have to place quotation marks on the phrase.

Using exact match keywords

For your ad to show, users will need to search the exact keywords and this is the very same order. There will be no other words before or after the keyword. If you want to use an exact match for “Miami bookstore,” your ad will not show for the search “best MIami bookstore” or even when “bookstore in Miami.” You must place brackets around the phrase for an exact match use. It takes time to get used to but once you are up to it, this would be a natural way to set your ads in Google.

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