Mobile vs. Desktop Advertising on Google

Mobile and desktop ads found on Google search pages are very similar. These both display ads from the top and the bottom of the search results page. Business owners or ad owners also bid on keywords to get the best quality score and the best spot on the search page.

However, some business owners overlook mobile advertising. You must never overlook this because more than half of Google’s searches are made from mobile devices. And those that use Google from their phones have local intent.

Differences between mobile and desktop ads on Google

So how do the two platforms differ then? Here are some important differences to consider:

Device size

Naturally there is less space on mobile devices like a smartphone or a tablet so you need to be sure that the mobile version of your ad should be straight to the point.

User intent

Users who search Google using their phones are likely on the go, so you want to create an ad that is ideally for desktop or for mobile use.

The cost-per-click 

CPCs are determined according to keywords but CPCs usually depend on the device. For instance, tablets have the lowest average CPCs and desktops the highest. With B2B and ecommerce companies desktop ads have the most conversions. These may cost more per click but still have a higher return on ad spend than other platforms.

You will also notice that mobile ads come with a “click to call” button. This is to help people who rely on their mobile devices to look for information so that they can easily call the business.

Is it too expensive to advertise on Google?

If you are new to advertising on Google Ads you must be patient. Take note that this is a pay-per-click advertising platform so it could start out slow. This means that you will only pay if someone clicks on your ad.

CPCs are according to how your keywords do well and depending on the campaign settings. Costs of advertising vary from $1 to over $10 per click. So when setting up your account for the first time, decide whether you want your ad to be seen on desktop, mobile, or on both platforms.

As much as possible, set up separate campaigns for desktop and mobile to track how your ads perform from different devices. But it still depends on the type of business, product or service/s that you offer. You may want to focus on desktop ads or mobile ads only.

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