How Does Google Determine if Your Ad Will Be on the Results Page?

Have you ever wondered how Google determines what ads can be seen on top of their search page? Google Ads has special algorithm that determine which competing bidder’s ad is placed on the relevant search results.

While Google Ads has an auction, this is not just about getting the highest bid and if your ad gets the top positions but it is also about how good of your ad will look. Google also determines how likely customers will click your ad.

Ads which get higher bids and will surely perform well and get good search results and therefore these are placed on the top of the search page.

What Google uses to determine ad placement

Your bid

Your bid price is the amount you are willing to pay for any click on your ad. The bid you make against other websites on potential keywords that you think people search for in case they would like to get to know more about your product or service.

Quality Score

Quality score is a score or a number that Google assigns to your ad. This number is the relevance to a keyword. Your ad should be relevant to any search

For instance, if a person searches for “chicken recipes,” Google won’t show an ad for pizza or for a hardware store. You also need to make sure that you have a variety of similar keywords that you are bidding on from your ad. This way, Google can tell if your ad is relevant or not.

Google has a quality score and it uses this along with your bid to find out how other companies or businesses’ ads will rank in the search results. The quality score is determined by Google and takes your ad and its relevance to the keyword that you want to bid on. And aside from your bid and quality score, Google also considers your site’s landing page experience.

Landing Page Experience

When your ad is clicked the landing page where customers are sent to should be relevant and have similar content as the ad and its keywords. If you own a coffee shop then the landing site where your customers will be taken to should advertise the establishment and should have the keywords that you used.

And to determine which ad will be placed at the top of Google’s search results, Google multiplies the quality score by the maximum bid to find the ad rank. The highest ad rank will land in the first ad position in Google’s search page.

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