The Advantages of Advertising on Google

Google has become a household name. Whenever you want to know about something or you need help, oftentimes you would hear people tell you to “Google it.” Successful business owners understand this which is why they prefer to advertise on Google. If you have your own business then it’s hard to pass this opportunity. These are some important points that will surely convince you to advertise on Google:

Searchers have local buying preference

People using Google to search anything are looking for what you offer. For instance, it is impossible to know if a person is looking for Chinese food in NYC or “Chinese food nyc.” Since you can set the geographical location where your ad can show in, you can guarantee that only people from the area will be able to see your ad. You can actually tell Google to show your ad to customers that are located in New York from a 5-mile radius.

This is one of the reasons why advertising on Google is very effective and even profitable. You are specifically looking for people who are in the market for your products or services that you offer. And of course you can target only customers who are located from a specific area.

You will only pay when someone clicks your ad

Rather than paying for a commercial or a newspaper ad which can be very expensive, Google Ads can be really cheap. This is because you will only pay if someone clicks on your ad. Google uses a pay-per-click or PPC concept wherein you only pay if someone is searching for the keyword that you have bid on and is also interested on your ad enough to click on it as well.

Google has advanced tracking capabilities

With the Google Ads you will be able to track how many people see your ad, or how many will click on your ad plus how many people would want to take action when they are on your site. Because of this you notice that people are clicking on your ad however, no one is buying anything on your site. By taking note on how your ad is doing you will be able to make any important adjustments to create a successful ad campaign.

With Google Ads there is little risk to take since you can stop posting your ad at any time if you notice that you’re not getting the right results. If your business is not yet on Google, it’s not too late to start Google Ads soon.

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