What Is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is now Google Ads. This is Google’s online advertising that lets businesses place their ads on Google’s search results page. The first thing that you will notice is that the ads look almost similar to the normal search results with just a small sign that says “Ad” in green. These Google ads will show at the top and at the bottom of a search results page when the keywords match the type of business or product that the ad is about. For instance, you search for “How to become a dentist” and hit SEARCH. Google’s search results page will give you results about your inquiry, from the best or the most appropriate. You will also see a few ads, sometimes two or three ads on top of the search page and at the bottom which may be related to your search like dentists from where you are located or a dental school near you.

How advertising on Google works

From your end or from the end of the user, everything seems to be automatic. But at the backend, there are some important things to understand about Google Ads. When a user searches for a term or a phrase, Google will show the relevant ads according to the keywords used in the search.

Websites want their ads to be on the results page, especially on the top page of the search. The only way to do this is to bid on keywords that they think people will use when looking for their business or the kind of product that they sell or offer.

For example, a plumber that serves the Atlanta area might bid on keywords like “plumbing Atlanta,” “plumber,” or “broken toilet.” Depending on how much a business owner bids compared to other plumbers that serve the area, his ad may show up on the results page when users search for the keywords that he bid on.

Aside from how much a business owner bids, Google also considers the relevance and quality of the ad and website related to the ad. Therefore, even if a person has the highest bid, the ad for the plumbing company will never pop out when someone searches unrelated terms.

If you think your business will do better when you advertise on Google, then check out Google Ads to start. Your business will surely get a better advantage when you start on Google Ads.

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