Top 8 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Be Using this 2019

Come and see what 2019 has in store when it comes to digital marketing. Here are the top picks

Artificial intelligence

AI is not really new but in 2019, expect the birth of more AI apps to help you with following digital marketing techniques, Google Ads and Facebook Ads have already applied AI on their respective advertising platforms. Sooner or later, the system will provide improved suggestions and more intelligent automation for ad optimization. More and more new software and tools now use AI to solve digital marketing issues promising zero error and better time management.

Social messaging apps

More and more businesses are using social media as their official communication means. Young people now prefer messaging than text as their mode of communication. It is also predicted that the rise of chatbots will be at hand and in fact, many new subscribers were seen in 2018. chatbots allow users to personalize the functions so that these can cater to their respective digital marketing goals. Everyone should install these on their business pages just to determine the power of automation.

Voice search and audio

Voice search is the next digital marketing trend for 2019. Smart devices like Google Home Mini, Amazon Echo, Mi AI Speaker are fast-becoming staples of every modern home. Most modern Android phones are already pre-installed with Google Voice Search and iPhones, iPads and Mac devices with Siri.

There is currently a new term called voice search SEO because and businesses now want to venture into the voice search territory. So if your mobile site is not responsive, you must overhaul your website now.

The best content matters 

Everyone is always looking for the best content which will teach, entertain and give value. Content will drive your sales therefore you need to provide the best and the most unique content as much as possible. Focus on giving more value to your visitors and customers. Always focus on how you can solve their problems and concerns.

Live streaming

Native Facebook videos, Instagram TV, YouTube and other platforms are now becoming more and more popular. This is because live videos are more economical; there is no need for costly editing and production. Once your live streaming is over, the video may be published as well.

People love live videos because of its spontaneity and genuineness to connect with people. With live videos, you can directly comment and engage with the host as he does his livestream. This form of connection to your customers will surely become more popular this year.

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