YouTube Marketing is Taking Over Online Marketing

Another immensely popular online marketing tool is YouTube. According to a social media research, a great number of participants agree that they want to find out more about video marketing and this means that YouTube is a reliable tool in online marketing.

However, video marketing minus any strategy may only be a waste of time. There are many thing to consider when using something as powerful as YouTube. You must understand the ideal size of your content, production and the amplification of your video to make your YouTube strategy work.

YouTube is for all kinds of business

Research has found that YouTube is used by 71% of companies that has 100 or more employees, compared to 38% of self-employed respondents. This has erased the notion that video marketing is difficult and costs a lot of money. In fact, you will find low-resolution videos and videos taken using cellphone cameras better when it comes to engaging with the public.

Comparing video with other social media platforms

Is posting a video harder than creating a tweet? No doubt that it is harder but once you have a sound YouTube marketing strategy background and you have a working video strategy you won’t find it hard to use videos anymore. It just takes a lot of experience to use YouTube for business but it’s definitely a promising platform for any business.

YouTube is for B2B and B2C marketers

One of the most interesting facts that a study was able to gather about YouTube is that it is used by 55% of B2B marketers, and 55% of B2C social media marketers. YouTube is used by 55% of B2B social marketers and 55% of B2C social marketers making this platform the only major strategy or channel that has an even mix of participation. Twitter follows with 83% of B2B social marketers using the platform and compared to around 77% of B2C social marketers.

If you are not using YouTube for your business then you might be missing out. YouTube for B2B is viable, especially research from coming from Forbes that shows that around 52% of senior business executives watch videos for work purposes weekly.

You can learn how to use YouTube and to profit from YouTube posts and engagement from countless tutorials online. Just remember to be patient and learn all you can because this is not a simple and quick process. It takes time and even trial and error to use YouTube for social media marketing.

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