Using Instagram for Social Media Marketing

Do you know that successful companies now use Instagram to boost their business? Business owners now use Instagram together with Twitter and Facebook to get more customers because of the facts: 33% of internet users have Instagram accounts and 60% of Instagram users login daily. In the United States where more people use Instagram, engagement is 10x higher than Facebook and 84x higher than Twitter.

Why use Instagram for social media marketing?

Instagram has a higher number of engaged audience than Facebook and Twitter. This is because of its no-frills design and features that will let you share photos and video. This year is the best year to start placing your business on Instagram. Here’s how:

Convert to an Instagram business account

If you already have Instagram then you must create a business account first. A business account will give you access to features like a new profile layout with a contact button, access analytics to monitor and improve results. A business account let you access Instagram Ads to be able to target a custom audience.

Use Hashtags 

Hashtags is a unique way to get noticed via social media and this increases engagement to build your following. Use Hashtags that are brand-specific, industry relevant and trending. There are tools online to help you with Hashtag research and identification.

Focus on your customer

Sharing followers photos is a sure fire way to grow your subscribers but before posting or sharing these, ask permission first. As you post, please give proper credit to the source. This is a good way to acknowledge and connect to any potential customers and of course this could translate to a sale and revenue soon.

One company that uses this strategy is Starbucks and is known as among the top 200 brands that are found on Instagram. And as a token of your gratitude, return the favor and like and comment on your followers’ photos. If you see this follower actively commenting on your post, respond to their comments as well. Continuous interaction is the key to engage better with your followers.

Use only quality images

Instagram was initially created to post high quality photos so it’s only fitting to post quality images as well. And don’t just post photos; you may also use videos and stories. This way, your followers will be more comfortable communicating with you and your brand.

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