How to Use Twitter for Social Media Marketing

One of the most important social media platforms that you can use to expand your online presence is Twitter. The fact that many people love the seamless and simple look of Twitter, there are reports that consumers are more likely to buy anything once they see it in Twitter. Because of these reasons, you must never overlook this platform for your social media marketing.

Something you might not know about Twitter

You may not know it but Google actually indexes every tweet you make which makes Twitter a great tool for search engine optimization or SEO. Customers will be able to check out your brand and your products easily on Google and this is one way to boost your online presence. And to help you make this platform your own, here are ways to improve your performance on Twitter:

Tag relevant and industry-related profiles

Tagging is a very important Twitter strategy but these have to make sense. You must only tag relevant profiles and make sure that you are using the ideal format. This is unless you’re replying to a post which is typically best to include the person’s mention in the body of your tweet.

Acknowledge every one that mentions you 

If you receive a mention or acknowledgement in social media, not just Twitter, consider this as an opportunity to spread awareness. Boost your presence by raising a thumbs up or favoring the tweet. You may also reply or offer a shout out to acknowledge the person back.

Use Twitter cards for lead generation

Twitter cards are special cards or boxes that usually contain the tweet that you are promoting. This is an easy way to get people to do anything especially subscribe to your list. This is the best way to gain more new leads and to find new followers on Twitter.

Limit how often you share links

Research has shown that tweets that don’t have links perform better and will have more engagement. An expert says that when you limit the links you share, you bring more weight and value to the links that you occasionally post.

Use the right Hashtags

If you use Twitter often then build a library of Hashtags relevant for your business. Include industry tags and tags that are used by your specific audience. However, don’t overdo this. There are also people who use two hashtags to boost their posts which actually, surprisingly, works!

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