Use Facebook for Boosting Your Social Media Presence

Almost everyone you know has Facebook and according to reports at least 65% of Facebook users are online most of the time. Because of this reason, more and more businesses use Facebook to reach out to more customers. Here’s how you can use this platform for your business too

Target a specific audience

Facebook can help you target very specific audience just so you can get them to check out your products or the services that you offer. This platform has very sophisticated level of ad targeting so you can create improved, straight to the point ads for your potential customers.

Run a contest to improve engagement

Running a contest with an irresistible prize is one of the best ways to improve ad engagement on Facebook. The best thing about this technique is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. One simple contest is to ask people to submit photos with your product in them. Choose a winner at random and award your prize, through Facebook Live of course!

Create short but enticing video posts

Facebook users don’t like long and boring videos. Most are just likely there to kill time or to check out their friend. This is why your videos should only be short but engaging. Marketers are using this technique and because of this the amount of short video engagement on Facebook doubled from 4 billion views per day to 8 billion, between April and November of 2015 alone. Imagine the numbers this 2019!

Target the leads that you already have

You can actually upload a list of emails right into Facebook and show your ads to these recipients through Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature. This way, you can target the leads you’ve acquired from your newsletter signup or other lead generation methods. .

Humanize your brand

Facebook, no doubt, is all about people. Facebook was made to interact with friends, not advertise your business. But pushing solely product-related messages will only work for a while because you need to show that your brand can connect with your audience.

Pay to boost your best content

If you are posting on a bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis to find out which content is reaching your audience when it comes to page views, shares, comments, and other metrics. With this knowledge, you can use this data to decide where you can use your promotion budget.

Facebook is a good tool for promoting your business. As long as you know how, it’s easy, fun and no doubt fruitful.

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