More Engagement Using Social Media Marketing

Whether you have your own small business or you are boosting other businesses it’s important that you understand how to make the most of your social media presence on various platforms. Here are a few suggestions to help you stay in the game on your next social media campaign.

Targeting & remarketing

Social media platforms like Facebook can help you with targeting your audience. Facebook ads take care of targeting by allowing you to set your parameters. This process usually takes trial and error. You can keep trying and testing to find out which ones will work to your advantage. Aside from tinkering with Facebook parameters, you can also use services like Planoly for Instagram, AdEspresso for Facebook, and Salesforce Social Studio.

When it comes to remarketing, you will create ads that will target people who have previously been to your site. Google and Facebook have remarketing programs to retarget on individual platforms, and programs.

The right metrics matter

Included in social media marketing techniques should be about choosing the right type of metrics that are most important to track. This information may be used to create your future strategy. Google Analytics is a good baseline but lately some marketers use other tools like Crawlytics and BuzzSumo.

Numbers that focus on engagement and your job is to linking engagement with conversions. Study Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and break these into different sections. For example, you will only want to count conversion if you’re trying to convert via social. Then revenue is not the only metric but will also include lead conversion rate and non-revenue conversions. It can take time to learn but once you have mastered this technique, you will only need to spend very little time checking out your numbers.

Use social media for customer service and customer engagement

Many brands use Twitter to improve customer service initiatives and maintain positive relationships with customers. For instance, Xbox’s Twitter page supports customers beyond customer service operating hours to provide updates, bugs, problems, and wait times.

Find better ways to connect with customers

Online marketing is very different from traditional marketing and a big part of this is a massive push for genuineness. Successful brands try to connect with customers and find ways for them to identify with their brand like the Real Beauty Campaign from Dove.

People loved this campaign because it was real and definitely relatable. Dove used social media to connect with their customers and audiences on a way that they may have not reached since the brand started. Dove did this by starting a conversation between women about real beauty rather than an advertisement about their brand.

If social media has worked with successful brands it will also work for you.

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