What is Facebook Pixel and Why Do You Need it?

Facebook Pixel is a tool that helps people who advertise using Facebook to measure the effectiveness of their advertising. This is through understanding the actions of people when they visit your website. It is a code that you install on your website which lets you to track and monitor things happening on the site.

Do you really need Facebook Pixel?

There are three things that the Facebook Pixel does.

Pixel can track conversions/events

You can use Pixel to find out if your ads are effective or not. It will help you monitor so you can see whether your ads are performing well or not. Using the data you gathered from Pixel, you will be able to make changes in your ad campaigns ASAP.

Pixel can help you optimize Facebook adverts

Another reason to use the Pixel is to optimize your campaigns. When you use Facebook to run ad campaigns, Facebook can help find people where it can serve your ad to. For instance, if you’re running an ad campaign for an audience of a million people, Facebook will find people within that 1 million that are most likely to take action according to your offer.

Without the Pixel, Facebook won’t have an idea who to serve that ad to. What will happen is that Facebook will serve the ad to anyone within that 1 million. Pixel will help you see what type of person is converting best and so you can make ads that serve to more people like that.

Pixel will help build custom/retargeting audiences

Pixel lets you retarget audiences based on people that have checked your website out. If someone visits your website, Pixel tracks them so you can create a custom audience around people who have visited your site.

Facebook Pixel holds data on website visitors for 180 days. This means that if someone visited your website 180 days ago, you will still be able to target them with an ad. You have the option to use an ad that will be as specific as you want. For example, you can target people who checked out specific pages on your site, providing a specific ad to help them get to know your products.

And even if you’re not thinking about advertising yet, you must still use Pixel. You may still get data that you can use once your page is up and running.

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