4 Reasons Why Your Site Won’t Be Found on Google

There are millions of websites on the web. How do you make sure that Google finds you using Search? Indeed this is one of the many worries that site owners continuously face. How will customers find their business? How to beat competitor websites? If you:

1. Don’t use SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is a general term for techniques used to boost your website’s rankings in major commercial search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!. Technically, the higher your website ranking is, the easier for customers to find you.

Search engines use a number of ways to identify websites and one of these is the use of keywords significant to your niche. Imagine a search engines as a library and the only way to find a single book is to use a specific item like the title of the book, the name of the author and the publisher. Using SEO lets customers locate your website using carefully picked keywords.

Placing these keywords or keyword phrases in your website in a structured and smart manner will increase your chances of securing a higher position on Search. 

2. Don’t study your competition

A part of developing an awesome website is studying your competition. This is most especially true if your competition is thriving and has secured a good standing in Google. Find out what they can offer and what makes their site better and try to see if these can be applied to your site as well.

3. Don’t create worthwhile content

Websites aren’t just about keywords and website designs but it’s also about providing content that your customers would REALLY need. If your website is for your business that sells clothing for kids, you must provide content that promote your products. Post videos, tips, techniques on how to find the best clothing for your kids in every season. Educate your customers about the latest trends in children’s clothes. In short, make your customers come back for more by creating worthwhile content.

4. Don’t have a customer-friendly website

Is your website customer-friendly? It should be easy to navigate, must have a contact page where your customers can contact you anytime for any concerns. The site should load smoothly and the images and displays are vibrant, easy to read. These are practical ways to keep your website alive so don’t neglect these.

Whether you have a blog site, product site or a business website, it pays to be at the top of the Search. Follow these tips today.

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