Top 10 Reasons Why You Must Use G Suite for Your Business

G Suite is a cloud-based business solution that will simplify and improve the way you run your online business or website. If you are not using G Suite for your small business, then you might be missing out on a lot of things. Still undecided? Here are ten reasons why G Suite is the best for your business:

1. G Suite lets you easily collaborate with peers.

To ensure success in any business, collaboration is the key. With G Suite, you will be able to share your work with your team members using Team Drive. Collaborate, plan and manage files all in the comfort of one tool.

2. G Suite gives you more file storage.

With G Suite, you can store massive amounts of files using its cloud storage. You can get up to 30GB cloud storage which is enough for your team to collaborate, upload large files and to innovate projects from anywhere. Google Drive lets you connect and manage different documents and files with your team as well.

3. G Suite offers seamless use across all devices.

You can sign in to G Suite no matter what type of device you are using. From Mac to Android devices, you can access the cloud and synchronize your data with your team anywhere. This ensures that no project is missed or overlooked no matter where you are and where your team members are.

4. G Suite has a single sign-in feature.

Use a single sign-in feature for G Suite as well as your other cloud-based applications through DocuSign or using Salesforce. You won’t have to remember dozens of different passwords for different accounts anymore.

5. G Suite offers user customization.

G Suite lets you work in a customizable environment. Imagine your company or business logo instead of Google’s logo on your online documents!

6. G Suite gives you your own domain name.

You can create an email that bears your business name with G Suite. This will help promote your company and create trust among your customers.

7. G Suite allows you to manage email accounts as an administrator.

G Suite lets you manage access to company files and email and let you prohibit access once an employee leaves the company. This helps you better secure your company files.

8. G Suite lets you create multiple email domains and aliases.

You will be able to create different email aliases and still lead to one email account. Forget about missing emails and forgotten tasks with this easy to use tool.

9. G Suite is secure

Protect your company email access with a 2-step verification. This will help improve cloud security and protect sensitive company files.

10. G Suite offers 24/7 customer support

Got questions? G Suite has answers with their 24/7 customer support. Their support team will be more than willing to help you through chat, email or by phone.

G Suite is ready to boost your business’ potential. Discover why many business owners trust G Suite by starting a 30 day free trail today.

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